Gorgeous Grazing - An equine retreat in the Heart of Cornwall.
St Eval church near Gorgeous Grazing.
A wide variety of horses at Gorgeous Grazing
Owner kim Hayward, New Years Hunt ST Columb, Cornwall
High acreage, pollution free pastures enclosed by 'Old Cornish walls and hedgerows' creates a natural, and very secure, healthy living environment.
Situated on the North Coast of Cornwall - picturesque and hidden away; Gorgeous Grazing's Equine retreat basks in the warm semi-tropical climate blown up from the Gulf of Mexico. Set against the rugged cliff lined coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the rolling fields of Gorgeous Grazing offers the perfect holiday for you, and the very best in equine care for your horse. Leave your horse while you explore beautiful Cornwall - or discover it together.. On horseback.

Gorgeous Grazing Owner Kim Hayward - has spent her life around horses. At the age of two she first became acquainted with horses; by 15 she was in full time Equine employment. Now with over 30 years hands-on experience, Her working life has spanned every aspect of equestrian care - stud, racing, brood Mares, foaling, dressage, convalescence, veterinary care, diet & nutrition, training & breaking: A truly dedicated Horse Woman through and through.. Take your horse on holiday, to Gorgeous Cornwall.












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