Gorgeous Grazing - An equine retreat in the Heart of Cornwall.
Spacious, clean and dry stables.
Gorgeous Grazing - Pastures with sea views...
Barns and stables are next door to the owners home.

Old Cornish Hedge rows and mature Cornish pasture
The spacious 14 foot square stables - are situated next to the owner's Cottage - or in Kim Hayward's own words, "I like to be able to hear them from my bed". All the fields are enclosed by natural Cornish stone walls and hedges. High acreage pastures with a homely feel. Horses that arrive at Gorgeous Grazing are not simply turned out and forgotten about. Every effort is made to ensure the horses are happy and content; not just with their environment, but with the other horses too. At Gorgeous Grazing the resident horses live in carefully selected groups. Friendship and compatibility with each other is important to their general well-being and happiness. One of the most commented points from horse owners is how "chilled Out" their horse becomes when staying at Gorgeous Grazing. This is where the true qualities of Kim's understanding of horses really shows. She has a heart-felt passion for horses and nothing is overlooked when it comes to their care.

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